Divergent Series Timeline (SPOILERS)

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Veronice Roth, Harper Collins Publishing, or Katherine Tegen Books.

Below the read more, you will find a timeline starting from the first page of Divergent by Veronica Roth to the end of Allegiant before the epilogue. It took me over a month to figure all of this out so I’d really appreciate it if no one stole the timeline from me without giving some form of credit. I’ve even narrowed it down to exact dates thanks to details in the books. I will also include page numbers and which book they’re in so that you know when a particular date started. I will also include a block quote with information as to how I figured out certain dates.

If you have any questions regarding it, feel free to leave it in a comment below. I will address it and then add it in for others to see as well.

Update: Information from Four has been added in.


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September 2nd (Page 1, Chapter 1, Divergent)

  • Abnegation cut their hair
  • Aptitude tests are taken

We know that the Abnegation get their hair cut on the second day of every third month (ie. March 2, June 2, September 2, or December 2.) We also know that the very next day, it’s a little chilling because Tris states “Outside, the air is crisp and cold” (Page 50 of Divergent). Later in the books, she repeatedly makes reference to the summer air and states that winter is coming. This suggests that March and December would be ruled out due to the fact that winter would not be coming in March, April, or May nor would it be hot enough to be considered summer in December, January, or February. June is ruled out because August, when Allegiant would end, is not close enough to be winter.

September 3rd (Page 38, Chapter 5, Divergent)

  • Choosing Day
  • Tour of Dauntless Headquarters

September 4th (Page 76, Chapter 8, Divergent)

  • First day of Dauntless Initiation
  • Learning how to shoot and fight
  • Tris gets her raven tattoos (page 90, Chapter 8)

September 5th (Page 91, Chapter 9, Divergent)

  • Fighting Opponents
  • Tris gets to sit out due to an odd number
  • Christina dangles over the Chasm

September 6th (Page 105, Chapter 10, Divergent – second paragraph)

  • Fighting
  • Tris is in the hospital after fighting Peter

September 7th (Page 118, Chapter 11, Divergent)

  • Field trip to the fence

September 8th (Page 130, Chapter 12, Divergent)

  • Fighting
  • Capture the Flag
  • Four and Tris climb the Ferris Wheel (page 146)

September 9th (Page 157, Chapter 13, Divergent)

  • Learning to aim with knives
  • Four throws knives at Tris when she steps in for Al (page 163)

September 10th (Page 167, Chapter 14, Divergent)

  • Fighting
  • Last day of stage one (Eric states it on page 157)
  • Tris and Molly fight

September 11th (Page 175, Chapter 15, Divergent) (Page 185, Traitor, Four)

  • Visiting Day
  • Rankings are revealed (page 198, Divergent)
  • Edward’s eye gets stabbed (page 202, Divergent)
  • Edward and Myra get cut from Dauntless

September 12th (Page 209, Chapter 17, Divergent)

  • Day off
  • Tris goes ziplining

September 13th (Page 227, Chapter 18, Divergent)

  • First day of stage two
  • Fear Simulations – Crows (Page 200, Traitor, Four)
  • Rumors start about Tris’s parents (page 242, Chapter 19)
  • Tobias discovers the plan for the attack on Abnegation (Page 210, Traitor, Four)

September 14th (Page 251, Chapter 20, Divergent)

  • Fear simulations – tank of water
  • Four finds out Tris is Divergent (page 255, Divergent) (Page 212, Four)
  • Tris talks to Tori about being Divergent

September 15th

  • Fear simulations – tied up to a stake and Peter set a fire (page 263)

September 16th

  • Fear simulations – Drowning in middle of ocean (page 263)

September 17th

  • Fear simulations – Family slowly bled to death (page 263)

September 18th (Page 264, Chapter 21, Divergent)

  • Fear Simulations – force to shoot family (page 264, Divergent)
  • Progress Report (page 266, Divergent)
  • Tris attacked at the Chasm (page 277, Divergent) (Page 225, Four)
  • Tris, Lynn, Uriah, and Marlene are found in the training room after hours (page 221, Four)

September 19th (Page 289, Chapter 23, Divergent)

  • Shown where stage three will be

September 20th (Page 301, Chapter 24, Divergent)

  • Al is found in the Chasm
  • Funeral for Al (page 307, Divergent)
  • Goes through Four’s fear landscape (321, Divergent)
  • Tris finds out Four’s real name
  • Tris and Tobias kiss in the Chasm (Page 338, Divergent)
  • Tobias warns Abnegation about the attack (Page 261, Four)

September 21st (Page 339, Chapter 27, Divergent)

  • Fear landscape
  • Tris visits Caleb (page 350)

September 22nd (Page 378, Chapter 29, Divergent)

  • Go through their own fear landscapes
  • Initiation Day for Dauntless

September 23rd (Page 416, Chapter 33, Divergent)

  • Attack on Abnegation (Page 421, Chapter 33, Divergent)
  • Tris is locked in a glass box with water filling it up; Natalie rescues her (Page 436, Chapter 35, Divergent)
  • Natalie is killed (Page 443)
  • Tris kills Will (Page 446)
  • Andrew is killed
  • Tris rescues Tobias/breaks him out of the simulation (page 477, Chapter 39, Divergent)
  • Escape to Amity (Page 4, Chapter 1, Insurgent)

September 24th (Page 9, Chapter 2, Insurgent)

  • Amity make their decision on whether Tris and everyone can seek refuge there
  • Tris eavesdrops on Marcus and Johanna (Page 24, Chapter 3, Insurgent)

September 26th (Page 33, Chapter 4, Insurgent)

  • Marcus discuesses leaving with the Abnegation using Tris as an escort

September 27th (Page 52, Chapter 6, Insurgent)

  • Tris and Peter get into an altercation
  • Tris gets injected with peace serum (Page 60, Chapter 6, Insurgent)
  • Dauntless and Erudite come to Amity (Page 70, Chapter 6, Insurgent)
  • Escape from Amity
  • Run into the factionless
  • Tobias’s mother is introduced

September 28th (Page 112, Chapter 10, Insurgent)

  • Travel to Candor
  • Tris and Tobias get arrested (Page 123, Chapter 11, Insurgent)
  • Both are put under truth serum (Page 135, Chapter 12, Insurgent)

September 29th (Page 158, Chapter 13, Insurgent)

  • Dauntless in Candor ban together
  • Erudite attack Candor (Page 175, Chapter 14, Insurgent)
  • Tris removes the needles

September 30th (Page 201, Chapter 17, Insurgent)

  • Caleb and Marcus go to Candor
  • Jack decides to try to negotiate with Jeanine
  • Tori and Zeke leave the Dauntless traitors
  • Tobias gets into a fight with Marcus

October 1st (Page 249, Chapter 20, Insurgent)

  • Jack Kang has a negotiation meeting with Jeanine that Uriah, Zeke, Tris, Tobias, Lynn, and Shauna eavesdrop on
  • Dauntless have a meeting in Candor and elect Tori, Harrison, and Tobias as their new leaders (Page 263-267, Chapter 22, Insurgent)
  • Eric is executed by Dauntless (Page 272, Chapter 23, Insurgent)
  • Travel back to Dauntless
  • Tobias and Tris meet Evelyn on the train (Page 290, Chapter 25, Insurgent)
  • Dauntless are put under a simulation later that night and Marlene jumps to her death

October 2nd (Page 302, Chapter 27, Insurgent)

  • Christina forgives Tris for killing Will
  • Tris goes to Erudite that night to turn herself in

October 3rd (Page 319, Chapter 28, Insurgent)

  • Tris arrives in Erudite sometime after midnight
  • Jeanine shows Tris where her execution will eventually be
  • Tobias goes to rescue Tris but gets captuired

October 4th (Page 349, Chapter 31, Insurgent)

  • Tris is injected with fear simulation to make Tobias talk
  • Tris finds out that Caleb is helping Jeanine

October 5th (Page 358, Chapter 32, Insurgent)

  • Tobias attacks the Dauntless traitors and informs Tris of his plan
  • Caleb visits Tris
  • Jeanine puts Tris under another simulation

October 6th (Page 380, Chapter 35, Insurgent)

  • Tris’s scheduled execution
  • Peter injects her with a paralyzing serum to make it seem like she died
  • Tris, Peter, and Tobias escape Erudite headquarters and travel to Abnegation sector
  • Tris and Tobias exchange love you’s

October 7th (Page 401, Chapter 37, Insurgent)

  • Marcus makes a plan with Tris to get the information Erudite stole
  • Evelyn and Tori tell the factionless and Dauntless the attack plan on Erudite

October 8th (Page 426, Chapter 39, Insurgent)

  • Christina and Tris travel with Marcus to Amity

October 9th (Page 438, Chapter 39, Insurgent)

  • Amity has a meeting on whether to help Tris, Marcus, and Christina
  • Cara informs Tris and Christina of the database in Erudite

October 11th (Page 453, Chapter 40, Insurgent)

  • Amity travel to Erudite
  • Candor are put under an attack simulation by the Erudite
  • Attack on Erudite by Dauntless and factionless
  • Tris has to fight herself in a simulation to get into the lab
  • The video about the world outside the city is finally revealed

October 14th-17th? (Page 1, Chapter 1, Allegiant)

This is where it got really tricky… In Tris’s chapter, she states: “It’s been days since Evelyn mastered the chaos in the lobby of Erudite headquarters with a few short commands and had all the prisoners hustled away to cells on the third floor.” On page 11, Tris states that: “I have now been a prisoner for at least a week.” Given that information and the fact that Insurgent ended on October 11, Allegiant has to start between October 14th and 17th since it’s not specified if the trials started the day after Tobias visited Tris or not. If she’s been a prisoner for a week, the trials had to have started on October 18th.

  • Prisoners are locked up for days
  • Tobias visits Tris in her cell

October 18th (Page 11, Chapter 3, Allegiant)

  • Tris’s trial
  • Tobias learns about the Allegiant
  • Tris and Tobias go on their first date together (Page 25, Chapter 5, Allegiant)

October 19th (Page 33, Chapter 6, Allegiant)

  • Faction bowls for Choosing Ceremony are destroyed

October 20th (Page 45, Chapter 7, Allegiant)

  • New rules are set by Evelyn
  • Tris speaks with the Allegiant

October 21st (Page 52, Chapter 8, Allegiant)

  • Caleb’s trial

October 22nd (Page 55, Chapter 8, Allegiant)

  • Allegiant meeting at midnight
  • Plan is formed to go outside the fence

October 23rd (Page 69, Chapter 10, Allegiant)

  • Tobias rescues Caleb
  • Tobias, Tris, Caleb, Uriah, Christina, Peter, and Cara leave the city

October 24th (Page 108, Chapter 14, Allegiant)

  • The Bureau of Genetic Welfare is introduced
  • The experiment is revealed

October 25th (Page 158, Chapter 18, Allegiant)

  • Genetic testing for Tris and Tobias
  • Marcus’s trial is scheduled
  • Tris, Uriah, Caleb, Zoe, Peter, Cara, and Christina go for a plane ride

October 26th (Page 202, Chapter 21, Allegiant)

  • Attack drill
  • Nita shows Tobias the Chicago family trees
  • Nita tells Tobias that they’re working against the Bureau
  • Meeting on the outskirts of the fringe

October 27th (Page 254, Chapter 24, Allegiant)

  • Tobias tells Tris about meeting up with Nita

October 28th (Page 261, Chapter 25, Allegiant)

  • Midnight: Tobias and Tris meet up with Nita
  • Tris finds out that Nita wants the death serum
  • Attack on the Bureau – Tobias, Reggie, Rafi, and Mary are arrested
  • Uriah was injured in the explosion and is in a coma

October 29th (Page 305, Chapter 30, Allegiant)

  • Marucs joins the Allegiant

October 30th (Page 319, Chapter 32, Allegiant)

  • Light snow – an early taste of winter
  • David wants Tris to join his council – unofficially
  • Another meeting between the genetically damaged and the sympathizers

October 31st (Page 342, Chapter 34, Allegiant)

  • Tris visits the fringe
  • Allegiant gain more weapons
  • Tris and Tobias make up

November 1st (Page 373, Chapter 37, Allegiant)

  • Revealed to be a Friday by David (Page 325, Chapter 32, Allegiant)
  • First meeting between the council with Tris
  • David decides that he wants to reset the Chicago experiment within the next forty-eight hours which prompts Tris to want to reset the Bureau
  • Uriah will be taken off life support in four days (Page 389, Chapter 39, Allegiant)
  • Caleb volunteers to go up against the death serum so that he can escape his guilt

November 2nd (Page 417, Chapter 42, Allegiant)

  • Tobias, Christina, Amar, and Peter go into the city to inoculate Uriah’s family and Christina’s family
  • Peter has Tobias reset his memory when Evelyn doesn’t go through with resetting herself
  • Caleb is taught to shoot
  • Emergency council meeting where David says the memory serum virus will be dropped that evening
  • Tris beats the death serum after going in instead of Caleb out of self-sacrifice but is killed by David while she’s releasing the memory serum virus on the compound (Page 467, Chapter 49, Allegiant)(Page 470, Chapter 50, Allegiant)
  • Tobias returns and finds out that Tris is dead (Page 489, Chapter 51, Allegiant)

November 3rd (Page 493, Chapter 54, Allegiant)

  • Tobias goes to see Tris’s body

November 5th (Page 499, Chapter 55, Allegiant)

  • Uriah gets unplugged from life support after Zeke and his mother say their goodbyes

November 6th (Page 502, Chapter 56, Allegiant)

  • Tobias goes back to the city planning to use the memory serum on himself but is stopped by Christina


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