Book Review: Updrift


*Copied and pasted from my Goodreads account.

This goes along with my blog tour for this book. You can find an excerpt along with a playlist and links to the book/author on that post.

Okay, first of all, I was given this book by the author for a book tour in exchange for an honest review. Honestly the book started out rather slowly for me and took me almost two months to read. It wasn’t until part two that I started getting captivated with the story but that may be because Kate became more relatable then (and closer to my age.)

As I mentioned above, the book originally started out VERY slowly for me, I just could not get into it at first. It wasn’t until after Gabe had revealed that he was a siren toย Kate that it actually started to pique my interest. This seemed to be more of a coming of age story… girl meets best friend, grows up and falls in love. But it has some extra twists that Erinn decided to add, mainly the fact that he’s a siren and she can’t be turned into one but he can help Kate breathe underwater.

I loved the whole aspect of the book when it comes to the mermaids (or sirens as Gabe likes to say) and their abilities. The part where they can help humans hold their breath longer did confuse me. Although I must admit that getting “married” and losing your virginity when you’re ovulating all based on your pulse does kind of terrify me, I did appreciate the fact that they “mate” for life.

The “villain” of the story really annoyed me. I didn’t like that he could change into Gabe and trick Kate into believing that he was her husband. That had just seemed rather odd to me and didn’t seem like it had too much purpose for the story? In all honesty, the book could have wrapped up before then – there wasn’t really any necessity for the relationship drama that had caused and I really wanted to smack Kate for even believing the man.

The ending was different than I’m used to and I happened to really love it. I am very curious on how the second book will go… Will it be set around Carmen and her past? Or will it be set around Kate and Gabe’s child?



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