Book Review: A Darker Heritage





Leigh Kavanagh never knew her family, until suddenly she was summoned to Polk House, two weeks before the death of her uncle, Silas Polk. Now she found herself in possession of everything that had been his – a strong roof over her head, when she’s never known anything but the shelter of an orphanage, and money enough to not have to worry about the next meal, or the next paycheck. She had everything that was Silas’s – including an unexpected curse! For Polk House had been corrupted by its owner’s dealings with a power from beyond – a power that was now demanding the prize it had won from Silas! Could Leigh stand against the powers of Satan? Had she really found someone she could trust or had coming to Polk House already damned her to eternal torment?


Synopsis taken from goodreads.

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So I honestly only bought this book for my mother because it was one of her favorites growing up (my mom’s not much of a reader so that was pretty surprising) and I had finally found a place on amazon that sold it. Now, this book originally came out in the 1970s, I didn’t fully expect too much in terms of the author’s writing lining up with how we write today but I honestly didn’t expect to read what I actually read either.

The book starts out with a young woman named Leigh attending her long lost uncle’s burial. He was more of a loner and only ever dealt with the people that were in his cult. In fact, his house was supposed to be left to the cult members to use as a church for the devil. I should have just stopped reading right then and there.

Nevertheless, I continued reading the book. We’re not even going to talk about how many times I actually had to put the book down in order to pray… The book literally has a page where words are written to sell your soul to the devil (of course I don’t believe just reading these words in your head would damn you to hell – especially since the cult members signed these words as well – but it was still freaky enough that I had to stop reading, pray, and then collect myself.) I don’t recommend reading this at night because ever single sound you hear in your house will freak you out. I’m just thankful that it wasn’t windy when I read this because the sound of that howling would have sent me into a panic attack!

Anyways, the book continues with Leigh getting haunted by these cult members and what we think is Satan, although I don’t recall it being proven in the book that it is him… The ending is a little bit twisted when it comes to who Leigh should have trusted from the beginning considering the author tried to make the bad guy look as if he were actually good and tried to make the good guy look like he was evil. The added detail of secret passageways going down to a separate part of the basement/library into the “church” portion was even more too alarming to even be remotely comfortable.

Fortunately, if you manage to read the entire book, there is a happy ending, which is really the only reason that I didn’t throw this book at the wall.


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