Fanfic Review: A Different Choice (Divergent)


Manip credit goes to me.


A few months ago, one of my friends started to write a fanfiction for The Divergent Series by Veronica Roth. Honestly, she wrote it for me because I re-read the series again and couldn’t help but cry over it. Again. Now, I’m pretty biased considering this is Siri that wrote it, I’m her beta-reader, and she wrote it because of me, but I highly recommend that you at least check it out. You can find the first chapter of A Different Choice here, and her fanfiction profile here. Seriously, go love her down! I’ll give a brief summarization under the cut, if you’d prefer not to know what this story is about, feel free to skip it because you love the ship Fourtris. Go on, I’ll wait.

Congratulations if you made it this far! You actually want to know what this story is about and I’m here to tell you! Aren’t you a lucky one?

So, A Different Choice starts out with Beatrice Prior’s Choosing Ceremony, this takes a different twist in that she chooses Abnegation and Tobias had stayed in his home faction as well – two years prior. If you’ve ever wondered how the Abnegation faction works when you’re an initiate, I definitely recommend that you read Siri’s interpretation (along with some ideas she had bounced off of me) and follow Beatrice’s journey through her initiation and what brings her and Tobias together, and their courtship.

The Dauntless faction is, of course, introduced with the fact that Tobias likes to sneak out a lot at night to meet up with Zeke and some of the initiates/other Dauntless members. Beatrice is introduced to that part of their world. Despite the story taking place mostly in the Abnegation faction, we still get to see glimpses of hers and Tobias’ fears. They’re not dealt with in a super obvious way – mostly a nightmare or some more natural ways of the particular fear brought up – without either having to set foot in a fear simulation.

In the fifteenth chapter, that’s when this fic starts to diverge more from Divergent (ha, get it? Diverge! I really didn’t mean to word it like that….) where you’ll get to see Fourtris’ happiness end for the time being. Now, I do know what’s been planned out for more of this story, there’s seventeen chapters so far and more are going to be on their way. This story is also supposed to end on a good note for Fourtris. Which means a certain character will not be dying. 😉

I’m honestly very surprised if you guys put up with my ramblings to this point, please go and check out the story and let me know what you think!!!! The link for it is once again here.

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