Carve The Mark + Exciting Divergent Epilogue!!!

tumblr_ohiqf3rmdb1qmzo43o1_540So Veronica Roth has just announced that if you pre-order or purchase a copy of Carve the Mark on the day it’s released (and submit your receipt) you will get an exclusive epilogue for Divergent. It’s supposed to take place five years after Allegiant, although I’m not sure if that’s five years after they establish new Chicago or if it’s five years after the certain event in Allegiant that happened to a certain character. Either way, it will tell the story of Tobias after said events happened. You can submit your proof of purchase here.

I’ve included links to where you can pre-order the books but I’m not sure if it works with e-books.

Here’s links so that you can pre-order:

  1. Amazon [Hardcover] [Kindle]
  2. Barnes & Noble [Hardcover] [Nook]
  3. Booksamillion [Includes a section for both the hardcover and the e-book]
  4. Book Depository [Hardcover] [Paperback]

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