Poetry attempt #1

About seven years ago, I decided to try my hand at writing poetry. It’s not much – and honestly not very good – but I figured maybe someone would want to read it. As an added note: “AI” is Japanese for love.



 Her heart beats so strong, with emotions so great,

Her eyes fill with tears as she realizes that she might be too late.

The butterflies in her tummy remind her that she’ll never be the same,

All it took was to hear him say her name,

Beautiful blue eyes, soft touch and warm scent,

For her to fall in love, it was never her intent.

For his laugh and his smile, she’d give up anything in her world,

Thinking of their future, her past becomes whirled.

Constant smiles on her face warn her that this could be love,

She believes that he was sent from the heavens above.

She wishes that she could say, “You’re everything to me.”

He’s perfect for her, why can’t he just let them see?

Sadly now, he has found another,

Will she be able to stand and watch as he loves the other?

To the outside world, she says that she’ll be fine,

But deep inside, she wonders if she’ll ever get to call him “Mine”.


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