Book Review: Eleanor



When a terrible accident claims the life of Eleanor’s twin, her family is left in tatters, and her reality begins to unravel, dropping her in and out of unfamiliar worlds. When she returns to her own time and place, hours and days have flown by without her. One fateful day, Eleanor leaps from a cliff…and vanishes. In a strange in-between place, she meets a mysterious stranger who understands the weight of her family history: Eleanor’s twin wasn’t the only tragic loss. And unless Eleanor can master her strange new abilities, she may not be the last.




Before I start my review, I’d like to thank bloggingforbooksΒ for sending me a copy of this book. You guys should definitely check them out if you like being sent books to review!

So when I first read the description on their website, I thought that it would be a rather interesting and intriguing story, I hadn’t exactly factored in how heavy some of the content would be – something that made it rather hard for me to actually enjoy this book, hence the three star rating I will be giving this one. Jason Gurley’s writing was phenomenal but their was something off in terms of it actually clicking with me. It may have been the multiple point of views and the vagueness in some of the descriptions (for example with the rift) and I found that I was having a rough time actually visualizing the story which is something that I do ninety-nine percent of the time I read a book.

Towards the end of the book, I was more drawn in and I found myself thinking that if this were ever made into a film adaptation, I would enjoy it so much more. The characters were well developed and I really wish we were able to see Jack more in the book, I found myself getting very excited when he was with Eleanor and he was such a big help with the story. I’d honestly love to see what could happen in the alternate time the book had ended with if Jason was ever inclined to write about that!

It could just be that the timing was off but this book just didn’t click with me and I found myself setting the book down for days at a time after only reading about twenty pages. If you’re okay with reading about depressing matters and are okay with some confusion on what is going on in a book, I’d definitely recommend this one! I’ve seen people label it as young adult but I’m not actually one hundred percent certain on what this book is generalized as.

Thank you again, bloggingforbooks, for sending this one to me to read. I just wish I could rate this with more stars, the cover was simplistic but beautiful and the description was awesome, it was just most of everything between that didn’t click for me.

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