ARC Review: Can’t Beat The Chemistry

43349048Ionic and covalent bonds are a piece of cake for MJ. But human bonds
are a little harder …
There are only two things MJ wants in her final year of high school:
1) Glowing grades and …
2) to convince uber-smart, chiselled-jaw Jason they’d be a winning
team outside the science lab as well as in.
Tutoring deadbeat drummer, Luke, isn’t part of the plan. After
all, he has average intelligence, takes disorganised notes and looks
like a partied-out zombie at their study sessions! Not even his taut
biceps will win MJ over.
But MJ learns that she could be tutored in a few life lessons too:
That sometimes there’s good reason to skip chemistry tutorials.
That intelligence is so much more than a grade average.
And that sometimes you can’t beat the chemistry.

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Book Review: Fatal Impact


My life wasn’t worth a Canadian dime, but then God sent the angel I desire. Baby, true love is eternal like fire, so bless my heart with your laughter plus your smile. I’m eager for peace. I’m anxious for love. You’re all I need and everything I adore. My heart and soul will always be with you, so thank you, baby, for helping me bloom. I love you more as time goes by, but time sure flies, so let’s open our eyes. Baby, I’m ready for our souls to collide. My life wasn’t worth a moment of your time, but God that moment was worth my lifeline.



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Review: Unlucky In Love

Unlucky in Love
A.J. Renee
Publication date:
January 30th 2019
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

Lucky in

That’s the name of the dating app I picked, hoping to find Mr. Better Than Average so I can
hold off planning my future as a cat lady.

I’ve been distracted eyeballing a tall, dark, and handsome Latin hottie who works in the
library with me. He is way out of my league, and a woman has needs if you know what I

Finding a man shouldn’t be hard when all I have to do is swipe left or right. It’ll weed out the
slimy men who have Bad Date written all over them.

Yeah, I’m learning quickly that I’m rather unlucky in love after all. The men I pick need
warning labels, kissing lessons, and a good talking-to about manners.

Should I throw in the towel, or will this series of bad dates be exactly what I need to win Mr.

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Book Trailer: To Dream Is To Die

unnamedEighteen-year-old Brenna Whit is entering college as a freshman and starting to meet new people, but she hides a dark secret. Because of an accident that happened three years ago, her spirit wanders the Fade whenever she falls asleep. It’s something she wants to keep hidden from the world, but when she sees someone watching her in spirit form, she fears the secret’s out. With new friends, possibly new enemies, school, and a new crush, Brenna has too much to worry about for just her freshman year of college.

You’ll find the book trailer below the cut!

Pre-Order here: AmazonParliament House Press

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Blog Tour: Countdown To Love Anthology

Countdown to Love
Publication date: December 28th 2018
Genres: Adult, Romance

Ring in your New Year with ten heart-clenching, sexy stories across multiple genres, that will keep you wanting more.

All proceeds will be donated to Alex’s Lemonade Stand to help fight childhood cancer.


10. Kimberly Knight – By Invitation Only

9. Melissa Toppen – Crazy Stupid Love

8. Regina Bartley – Dirty Nails

7. Lucia Franco – Hold on to Me

6. Savannah Stewart – If Love was Fair

5. Mila Cole – Lighter

4. Barbara C. Doyle – The Choices We Make

3. Micalea Smeltzer – The Game that Breaks Us

2. Bayli Lane – What If

1. Fabiola Francisco – Whiskey Nights


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100% of proceeds of this anthology will be donated to Alex’s Lemonade Stand to help fight child hood cancer!

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Top 10 Books Read in 2018


  1. The Upside of Falling Down by Rebekah Crane
  2. Blinding Night by Chantal Gadoury
  3. Hook & Crown by Nicole Knapp
  4. Until The Last Star Fades by Jacquelyn Middleton
  5. Love and Shenanigans by Zara Keane
  6. The Missing Piece by Nicole Knapp
  7. Between The Sea and Stars by Chantal Gadoury
  8. The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien
  9. Love and Blarney by Zara Keane
  10. Only You by Marie Landry

Have you guys read any from my list? If so, what did you think of the book?